Matt and Manda at dinner

Matt and Manda at dinner

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After searching the never-ending depths of the junk drawer, I still had to ask “Where did I put that menu?”. The thought occurred that unfortunately, our junk drawer doesn’t have a search function and I can’t Google it. Thus began the life of MidtownEats.com.

It’s a place where you can investigate everything about the restaurants of the midtown area of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The purpose of the site is to collectively gather information on the restaurants. But why stop there? Why not create a community where people can comment on the restaurants, spread the news about events in midtown, promote specials at existing restaurants or grand opening of new ones?

So whether you are looking for a great Vietnamese restaurant to stop in to or a quick pizza shop that will deliver to your home, MidtownEats.com is the place to start. If you have any comments, questions, complaints or would like to volunteer (those menus don’t collect themselves), drop us line at midtowneats@gmail.com.