Brick City Bar & Grille

Address:  1313 N 2nd Street, Harrisburg, PA
Phone:  717-232-2522

Monday  – 4pm to 10PM
Tuesday  – 4pm to 10PM
Wednesday  – 4pm to 10PM
Thursday  – 4pm to 10PM
Friday  – 4pm to 10PM
Saturday  – 4pm to 10PM
Sunday  – 4pm to 9pm


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6 Responses to “Brick City Bar & Grille”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Good selection (both food and beer) and good service. All at a great location.

  2. Sean Says:

    Food is delicious and comes out in a timely fashion, staff is very pleasant and accommodating. I am a little confused by the closing time, though, as it seems to change every night. Oh well, great place, I hope it continues to do well!

  3. Kergl Says:

    Food is hit or miss, some items are very good, some not so.

    What is really bothersome is the never-changing dance-type music playing at all hours. I mean, who wants to hear gym/kid music thumping away at 6pm when trying to eat? How about some diversity, and saving the dance club music for after 10pm??

  4. Jessi Says:

    LOVE their burgers. Also, one of the very very few places around that has a decent veggie burger, and will place it on any of their many interesting burgers. I really love the greek salad, and their soups are always great. also, the bartenders and waitstaff tend to get to know the people in the neighborhood and are very friendly, and remember you when you come in.

  5. Doug Says:

    Stopped in for first time on Wednesday, September 7th and enjoyed the $2 draft happy hour (which also includes discounts on well drinks and microbrews if I remember correctly). No food specials during happy hour. I was excited that they had Woodchuck on draft (not included in the $2 draft happy hour). Ordered two appitizers, the buffalo chicken dip and a dozen medium wings. The buffalo chicken dip was good and you had plenty of chips to dip in it. The wings were big and good, equal to the wings you would get at an Aroogas. No A/C was on when I came in, but the front and back doors were open to get some air in. It did get a bit warm and humid inside, but around the end of happy hour they shut the doors and turned the A/C on. Not sure if that is a sign they are struggling financially or not. I was impressed with the layout inside. Very pleasent and well designed. Numerous TV’s. Very interesting music selections from rock to rap to dance to top 40. Bartender and waitress were friendly and provided entertaining conversation. Appears the place is an equal Giants, Eagles, Steelers hangout on NFL game days according to bartender (who was a Giants fan). Appears to have a lot of locals that come in often, which is always a sign of a good place. I will return again and try more of the food.

  6. Paul Says:

    Best Burgers in Harrisburg. Hands Down

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