Restaurants in the ‘Soups & Sandwiches’ Category

Alvaro Bread & Pastry Shoppe

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Address:  236 Peffer Street Harrisburg, PA
Phone:  717-238-1999

Monday – 7am to 6pm
Tuesday – 7am to 6pm
Wednesday – 7am to 6pm
Thursday – 7am to 6pm
Friday – 7am to 6pm
Saturday – 7am to 6pm
Sunday – Closed

Alvaro Bread and Pastry Menu

Brick City Bar & Grille

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Address:  1313 N 2nd Street, Harrisburg, PA
Phone:  717-232-2522

Monday  – 4pm to 10PM
Tuesday  – 4pm to 10PM
Wednesday  – 4pm to 10PM
Thursday  – 4pm to 10PM
Friday  – 4pm to 10PM
Saturday  – 4pm to 10PM
Sunday  – 4pm to 9pm


Brother’s Pizzeria & Restaurant

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Address:  1426 N 3rd Street, Harrisburg, PA  17102
Phone:  717-234-8300
Fax:  717-234-8302

Monday – 10am to 8pm
Tuesday – 10am to 8pm
Wednesday – 10am to 8pm
Thursday – 10am to 8pm
Friday – 10am to 8pm
Saturday – 12am to 6pm
Sunday – 12am to 6pm

Brothers Pizzeria & Restaurant

Brother's Pizzeria

Cafe 1500

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Address:  1500 North Sixth Street  Harrisburg, PA
Phone:  717-233-2200

Monday  – 7am to 3pm
Tuesday  – 7am to 3pm
Wednesday  – 7am to 3pm
Thursday  – 7am to 3pm
Friday  – 7am to 3pm
Saturday  – 8am to 2pm
Sunday  – Closed

Menu for Cafe 1500

Ciervo’s Pizza

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Address:  1435 N. 2nd Street  Harrisburg, PA
Phone:  717-238-5530

Monday – 10:30am to 10pm
Tuesday – 10:30am to 10pm
Wednesday – 10:30am to 10pm
Thursday – 10:30am to 10pm
Friday – 10:30am to 10:30pm
Saturday – 10:30am to 10:30pm
Sunday – 12am to 9pm

Ciervos Pizza Subs Menu

Ciervo's Pizza in Midtown Harrisburg


Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Address:  306 Reily Street  Harrisburg, PA
Phone:  717-232-7374

Monday  – 5pm to 11pm
Tuesday  – 5pm to 9pm
Wednesday  – 11am to 9pm
Thursday  – 11am to 11pm
Friday  – 11am to 9pm
Saturday  – 4pm to 10pm
Sunday  – Noon to 3pm (Sunday Brunch), 1pm to 11pm (Sunday Football Upstairs)

Crawdaddys Menu

Cribari’s Ristorante

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Address: 263 Reily St., Harrisburg, PA  17102
Phone:  717-412-0550

Monday:  11:30am to 9pm
Tuesday:  11:30am to 9pm
Wednesday:  11:30am to 9pm
Thursday:  11:30am to 9pm
Friday:  11:30am to 9pm
Saturday:  4pm to 9pm
Sunday:  Closed

Cribari’s Ristorante Menu

Cribari's in Midtown Harrisburg

Fisher’s Deli

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Address: Broad Street Market (1233 North 3rd Street Harrisburg, PA)
Phone: 717-232-8522

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday – Closed
Thursday – 7am to 2pm
Friday – 7am to 5pm
Saturday – 7am to 4pm
Sunday – Closed

Fisher’s Deli

Gardner’s Grill

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Address:  Broad Street Market (1233 North 3rd Street  Harrisburg, PA)
Phone:  717-982-8153

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 10am to 7pm (Delivery Only)
Wednesday – 10am to 2pm
Thursday – 10am to 5pm
Friday – 10am to 5pm
Saturday – 10am to 4pm
Sunday – Closed

Gardner’s Grill Menu

Mercado’s Pizza

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Address: 937 N. 3rd Street Harrisburg, PA
Phone: 717-238-2280

Monday  – 11am to Midnight
Tuesday  – 11am to Midnight
Wednesday  – 11am to Midnight
Thursday  – 11am to Midnight
Friday  – 11am to 3am
Saturday  – 11am to 3am
Sunday  – 11am to Midnight

Mercado’s Menu


Salvador’s Place

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Address:  660 Boas Street, Harrisburg, Pa
Phone:  717-232-6200
Fax:  717-232-6201

Monday  – 6am to 8pm
Tuesday  – 6am to 8pm
Wednesday  – 6am to 8pm
Thursday  – 6am to 8pm
Friday  – 6am to 8pm
Saturday  – 6am to 8pm
Sunday  – 7am to 2pm

Salvadors Place Menu

Salvadors Place

Simply Soup & Beyond Cafe

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Address:  Broad Street Market (1233 N 3rd Street  Harrisburg, PA)
Phone:  717-818-3126

Monday  – Closed
Tuesday  – Closed
Wednesday  – 7:00am to 2pm
Thursday  – 7:00am to 5pm
Friday  – 7:00am to 5pm
Saturday  – 7:00am to 4pm
Sunday  – Closed

Simply Soup and Beyond Cafe Menu

Stoltzfus Pretzels

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Address:  Broad Street Market (1233 North 3rd Street  Harrisburg, PA)
Phone:  717-909-6904

Monday  – Closed
Tuesday  – Closed
Wednesday  – Closed
Thursday  – 7am to 5pm
Friday  – 7am to 5pm
Saturday  – 7am to 4pm
Sunday  – Closed


Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Address:  900 N 3rd Street Harrisburg, PA
Phone:  717-901-7827

Subway Menu


Subway Cafe

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

1000 Herr Street
Harrisburg, PA  17103


Subway Cafe Menu

The Sturges Speakeasy

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Address:  400 Forster Street  Harrisburg, PA
Phone:  717-412-0931

Monday  – 11am to 2am
Tuesday  – 11am to 2am
Wednesday  – 11am to 2am
Thursday  – 11am to 2am
Friday  – 11am to 2am
Saturday  – 11am to 2am
Sunday  – 10am to 2am

The Sturges Speakeasy Menu

Uptown Chicago Grill

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

(Formerly Da Pits Grill)
Address: 2101 N 2nd Street Harrisburg, PA
Phone: 717-233-7487
Fax: 717-233-7101

Monday – 11am to 9pm
Tuesday – 11am to 9pm
Wednesday – 11am to 9pm
Thursday – 11am to 9pm
Friday – 11am to 9pm
Saturday – Noon to 9pm
Sunday – Closed

Uptown Breakfast Menu

Uptown Chicago Grill Menu

Yellow Bird Cafe

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Address:  1320 N. 3rd Street, Harrisburg, PA  17102
Phone:  717-635-8991

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 7am to 3pm
Wednesday – 7am to 3pm
Thursday – 7am to 3pm
Friday – 7am to 9pm
Saturday – 7am to 3pm
Sunday – 10am to 2pm

Yellow Bird Cafe Menu