Address:  306 Reily Street  Harrisburg, PA
Phone:  717-232-7374

Monday  – 5pm to 11pm
Tuesday  – 5pm to 9pm
Wednesday  – 11am to 9pm
Thursday  – 11am to 11pm
Friday  – 11am to 9pm
Saturday  – 4pm to 10pm
Sunday  – Noon to 3pm (Sunday Brunch), 1pm to 11pm (Sunday Football Upstairs)

Crawdaddys Menu

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11 Responses to “Crawdaddy’s”

  1. Ered0913 Says:

    Was so looking forward to a night out with friends trying this new spot. I want to love and support all midtown spots, but this one made it pretty tough. Let’s set the scene- before even ordering, we couldn’t help but notice that all too familiar “chirp” of a smoke detector with low batteries. After about half an hour, I was ready to offer to climb up on a ladder myself and change the batteries for them.

    We ordered the soup of the day, “shrimp and garlic”. Sounds delicious, right? We passed by a couple appetizers that caught our eye because with the soup it would be too much. Our server came downstairs with three black bean soups and an “ooops, I was wrong”. Sorry, none of us wanted black bean, but we were told our meals were nearly finished and so we didn’t replace the soup with the appetizers that caught our eye (nor were we asked). We watched tables around us get delicious looking food as we waited… And waited and waited. In the end it was over and hour from the time we ordered to the time our meals arrived. At one point, we were ready to go over to Vietnamese Garden and grab some spring roles.

    I understand glitches, but don’t lie to us and tell us it is coming in one minute when you mean one hour. The food was tasty when it arrived. I had the broiled Tilapia with steamed string beans and roasted red potatoes (a meal I could have easily made at home in 20 minutes). I was hoping there would be some sort of Cajun/ creole spice, but it was pretty basic. Our server offered us complimentary deserts, which was an effort. The sweet potato pie was tasty and I never would have ordered it.

    Personally, I like to go out to eat for the ambience, the service and the experience. Most things I can cook on my own, so it isn’t always about the food. I couldnt believe as I returned from the ladies room that a server with dirty dishes wouldn’t step aside to allow me to pass. In fact, she practically ran right into me. I got the overall impression that the servers are not actually trained servers. Even with simple things like clearing plates. Ours brought the deserts and our dirty dinner dishes had been sitting in front of us for quite some time (until I stacked them off to the side).

    I want to give it a second chance because it is a midtown business, but I must admit- it was one of the worst dining experiences I have had in recent years. And yes, the smoke detector chirped the entire time!

  2. Jessi Says:

    Recently tried out Crawdaddy’s- I was SUPER excited because I love New Orleans and cajun/creole is one of my favorite types of food. My husband and I went for a “date night” on the later half of the evening one Friday night. There was live music, which was really nice. It was a little loud for the space, but honestly it just reminded me of all the little places in New Orleans! We both REALLY enjoyed our food- fried green tomato appetizer, shrimp and grits, and catfish po boy, side of mac and cheese. The food was EXCELLENT and reminded me of being somewhere on Frenchman Street. Service was maybe a TAD slow, but we were just enjoying the music and ambiance so we didn’t mind at all. Our waitress was VERY nice. I will be going back ASAP!

  3. FullnHappy Says:

    Ate at Crawdaddy’s today with some coworkers! GREAT food, very personable and fast service, good prices. Can’t wait to go back!

  4. LBGreen Says:

    I tried Crawdaddy’s last week & absolutely loved it! The people were so sweet & friendly, and the food was downright delicious. The fried green tomatoes are simply perfection-served with a mildly spicy creole sauce. I also tried one of the specials for the evening: the chicken kabobs along with the mac and cheese and red beans and rice as sides. Hands down-the red beans and rice ruled, and everything else was fabulous. The only semi-negative aspect is that the restaurant is hidden down the street on Reily, I wouldn’t have known it was there aside from the new red awning. Otherwise, I had a great experience & I look forward to returning and trying the gumbo!

  5. Shyanne Says:

    Had dinner at Crawdaddys last Saturday really enjoyed the food and personal service…I’m a true southern girl and I must say there peach cobbler was the best I’ve had in years…… the serving amount was over the top…..This place is another favorite to my dinning out list…Hope too see you there…..

  6. Scott Strait Says:

    We were looking for somewhere to eat after temple tonight and wanted something different, i have seen and heard mixed reviews for Crawdaddys but we decided to try it out regardless. We started with the corn bread they brought out and sweet tea which were both great. We order the calamari which was a special and the fried green tomatoes, everything about both was amazing, the plating was simple and fresh, the portions were just right for an appetizer enough to enjoy but no so much that you’re to full for your meal and the ingredients seemed to be extremely fresh. They were both delicious as a matter a fact we ended up getting another calamari. For the entrees I order the crab stuffed shrimp with mac and cheese and collared greens. The shrimp was good nothing to special but then again i can’t remember the last time i fell in love with crab stuffed shrimp. The mac and cheese though was amazing, you could tell it was home made, it looked as good as it tasted. The collared greens were the best i have ever had, and i have had a lot. My partner ordered the Chicken and Biscuits. He said it was really good and it look like it. We were to full for dessert but it sounded so good that i got the sweet potato pie and he ordered the pound cake and we got it to go. The service was wonderful the atmosphere was great and to top it all off its a BYOB. For a friday night we were there for an hour and a half which is reasonable in our mind. If you are used to chain restaurants you may want to allow a bit more time for dinner than you normally would and call ahead for reservations, their table turnover wait is slow giving you the opportunity to enjoy the food and the company your with. We can not wait to go back and tell everyone we know about this great spot right in the center of midtown. I really hope it flourishes its a great addition to the city.

  7. Rae Says:

    My daughter and I ate at Crawdaddy’s for lunch and the food as great! The fish was fresh and the flavors danced in your mouth. Many restaurants in the area serve mac and cheese, but none come near to having a homemade taste. Crawdaddy’s not only have the taste, they have mastered it! We definately will return, there are so many more items on the menu I can’t wait to taste!

  8. Jenn Says:

    Fantastic fried green tomatoes! My husband and I both had delicious dinners and can’t wait to go back. The catfish po boy was so tasty! The owner came out to speak with us and the wait staff was super friendly. Cornbread was a little dry but really can’t complain about anything else! We will definitely be back and will bring friends!

  9. David Says:

    I’ve been to Crawdaddy’s twice. It is now officially my favorite Harrisburg restaurant. Great look, friendly service, and the food is out of this world. I love the Sweet Potato Fries and Fried Green Tomatoes for appetizer (and the complimentary cornbread, of course). For entree, it’s the Shrimp and Grits, extra spicy. We’ve never had room for desert.

    I don’t know where these other reviewers are hearing “mixed reviews.” Besides the one anomaly unfortunately plopped on the top of this page, I’ve yet to hear anyone who didn’t think Crawdaddy’s was anything but absolutely wonderful. Go there and bring you friends. They need the new customers, and you’ll love it.

  10. Hazel Eyez Says:

    My friend hand I made reservations for dinner one saturday evening and was truly suprised. The atmospher was awesome. The live music was great. And the food was delicious. The service was friendly, courteous and well timed. I am newly located here from Maryland and the crabcake was right! Thanks for giving me a feel of home!

  11. Hazel Eyez Says:

    My friend and I made reservations for dinner one saturday evening and was truly suprised. The atmosphere was awesome. The live music was great. And the food was delicious. The service was friendly, courteous and well timed. I am newly located here from Maryland and the crabcake was right! Thanks for giving me a feel of home!

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