What is Midtown Eats?
A community based project to compile the menus of the Midtown Harrisburg and investigate new dining options for those new and old to the area.

What does it show?
Each of our menu posts will let you know:

  • what food they have
  • where they are located
  • when they are open
  • if they deliver
  • how to contact them

If you want, you can even rate and comment each restaurant to help others investigate their Midtown menus.

Why are we doing this? We were sick of all the paper menus in the kitchen junk drawer and figured so was everyone else. Also, as members of the community, we wanted to do our part to increase the health of the Midtown area.

What should I do if I see a restaurant in Midtown not listed on your site?
Please let us know the name and location. We will do our best to have this location added to the directory.

I have a restaurant in Midtown, why isn’t it listed?
The Midtown Eats project is not our full-time jobs. We diligently work to keep our listings active and accurate, but remain only human. Luckily we are well aware of this and welcome any new information. Simply email us at MidtownEats@gmail.com and our team will begin the free process of adding your eatery.

Where is Midtown Harrisburg?
Midtown Harrisburg is diverse and interesting community in Harrisburg, Pa. Friends of Midtown offers a nice map showing the boundaries of Midtown

How can I contact MidtownEats.com?
By Email – MidtownEats@gmail.com
By Twitter – @MidtownEats
On Facebook

The menu for this café/restaurant/pub/pizza shop/hot dog cart is not up-to-date. What should I do?
Drop us a line and we will do our best to have it updated.

I know of news, events or something else that will affect Midtown; will you put it on her site?
Happily. Just let the Midtown Eats know and we will discuss whatever you would like to put on the site.

I have pictures from a recent Midtown event; will you post them on your site?
If the pictures are for a public event in the Midtown area we will be happy to post them and spread the word.

Will the Midtown Eats Team accept free food?
Yes, in a heartbeat.