Stoltzfus Pretzels

Address:  Broad Street Market (1233 North 3rd Street  Harrisburg, PA)
Phone:  717-909-6904

Monday  – Closed
Tuesday  – Closed
Wednesday  – Closed
Thursday  – 7am to 5pm
Friday  – 7am to 5pm
Saturday  – 7am to 4pm
Sunday  – Closed

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4 Responses to “Stoltzfus Pretzels”

  1. EA Says:

    Best hangover cure EVER is the breakfast pretzel roll, with egg, cheese and your choice of breakfast meat!

  2. Erin Says:

    I concur. The “cheesy goodness” is the cure for the common hangover.

  3. The HodgePodgery Says:

    All I have to say is : peperoni pizza pretzel. Oh gosh they are good and you can’t beat the price. Worth a try. Warning- you will get messy!

  4. Doug Says:

    Best soft pretzels ever… Love the Turkey n Swiss pretzel…

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